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Advance your business to the next level. Perfect booking system - technology that does the job for you, saving you valuable time on everyday tasks.

This technology of the 21st century will advance your business to the next level. ADI-diary.NET is specifically designed to handle pupils, payments, franchise fees and has many more features. It is fully cross-referenced and automatically generates pupil's balance sheets and progress reports and puts together your accounts and expenses into a Cash Flow Sheet which you can see either as a table or a graph chart.


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ADI-diary.NET extends the power of previous versions with a wealth of new features and enhancements, including support for Server, Networking, E-mails, Images, Graphic Charts and all the tools of modern technology you need to take your business to the next level.

PDA support
ADI-diary.NET has a little companion Diary-Online that runs on a PDA or iPhone. Instead of taking a laptop in your car now you can take a PDA and, after a hard working day, transfer all new lessons back to your main computer that will crunch all your data for you.

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Operator ADI-diary is a unique stand-alone program specifically designed for Driving Instructors and Driving Schools.

More control, more flexibility. Always professional results. Reduced overhead and less paperwork.

No matter whether you work for a large Driving School or you are an independent Instructor, Driving Instructors Diary will help you make your work easier, quicker, and more fun!

ADI-diary on a laptop It is a windows-based application that takes full advantage of Windows features, including multiple Windows environment, floating windows, drop box lists, drag and drop functions and many more.

The system allows all information, including pupils details and lessons, to be transferred via the Internet to another computer. Usually it is a computer in the office where an operator takes phone calls from pupils.

Windows Vista
Note: only applies to ADI-diary, ADI-diary.NET is fully compatible with Vista

ADI-diary is compatible with Windows Vista. However, you will need to reconfigure BDE Administrator manually.

By default, ADI-diary saves the file PDOXUSRS.NET in C:\ directory. For security reasons, Windows Vista forbids saving files in the root directory. The solution is to reconfigure ADI-diary

  1. Go to Control Panel and double click on BDE Administrator
  2. If Vista asks you how to run this application, select "Run a legacy CPL"
  3. Select Configuration Tab
  4. Open Drivers
  5. Open Native
  6. Select PARADOX
  7. In NET DIR type C:\AdiDiary
  8. Select Menu Object (top-left corner)
  9. Select Apply
  10. Exit BDE Administrator
ADI-diary will now run normally

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