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Advance your business to the next level. Perfect booking system - technology that does the job for you, saving you valuable time on everyday tasks.

This technology of the 21st century will advance your business to the next level. ADI-diary.NET is specifically designed to handle pupils, payments, franchise fees and has many more features. It is fully cross-referenced and automatically generates pupil's balance sheets and progress reports and puts together your accounts and expenses into a Cash Flow Sheet which you can see either as a table or a graph chart.


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Diary The main page is a week to view page with lessons highlighted according to the course of the pupil. To navigate through the weeks is very simple using appropriate arrow keys on your keyboard. You can jump to any date by selecting the calendar.
Updates Diary Updates: Communication between Instructor and Driving School could not be easier. Driving Instructors Diary carefully monitors all your lessons and keeps all Diaries, included in the network, synchronised.

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