Three Generations of ADI-diary software

We are maintaining this site to provide information of ADI-diary past development. The first release was in 2004. Since then it was transformed to a complete Digital Office that runs on any computer providing a quick reference to your bookings and students anywhere.

This site is archive of documentation and webpages of all software releases, which are related to Driving Instructor Diary.


Tutor Diary is Dedoc Software's latest product catering to the business needs of driving schools and driving instructors. It is unique online driving school management software that lets you organise your driving school efficiently and conveniently. From storing pupil profiles and instructor details to making bookings via a dynamic instructor week-by-week calendar, from generating invoices to sending SMS and emails to pupils, tutorDIARY is a secure online interface that puts your business in a "go-drive" mode.

tutorDIARY is a booking management system that helps driving schools track finances, students and other relevant information. It is not merely a simple diary to record lesson timings of pupils enrolled in the school; its exciting features do a lot more! tutorDIARY is an online product that can be accessed directly by a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

tutorDIARY demo

tutorDIARY website

Published on  07.06.2013