Three Generations of ADI-diary software

We are maintaining this site to provide information of ADI-diary past development. The first release was in 2004. Since then it was transformed to a complete Digital Office that runs on any computer providing a quick reference to your bookings and students anywhere.

This site is archive of documentation and webpages of all software releases, which are related to Driving Instructor Diary.

First Release

Program: AdiDiary
Release year: 2004
Last version: 1.4b
Platform: Windows XP / ME / 2000 / 98

The very first release of our Driving Instructors Diary called "AdiDiary" was in 2004 and was designed to run on a local computer only. The program was written using Borland C++ and in the first version used Paradox as an underlying database. In subsequent versions the underlying database was changed to DBISAM.

Because the diary could only run on a single computer, it was not enough for our customers. The diary had to be accessible from different computers in different geographical locations.

The first version was tested by several driving instructors and proved to be a good tool to organize their working day but it was not yet ready for a wider audience as the software could only run on a single computer.

Due to the nature of driving instructor work, someone else has to take bookings and answer telephone calls and therefore our next step was to synchronize between two or more computers.

For this purpose a special module was written in Perl and placed on Internet Server, which streams the data between the diaries. The single program became a system and allowed accessing the same diary from different computers with perfect synchronization.

After the last version, 1.4b AdiDiary was replaced with ADI-diary.NET

AdiDiary version 1.4b


Published on  07.06.2013