Three Generations of ADI-diary software

We are maintaining this site to provide information of ADI-diary past development. The first release was in 2004. Since then it was transformed to a complete Digital Office that runs on any computer providing a quick reference to your bookings and students anywhere.

This site is archive of documentation and webpages of all software releases, which are related to Driving Instructor Diary.


Version 2 of AdiDiary was renamed ADI-diary.NET. A lot of new features have been introduced, including Mini-diary for PDA and subsequently Diary-Online.

Comprehensive invoicing system has been included allowing users to manage prepaid lessons. Integration with Microsoft Office became part of the program.

Gradually more programs have been added to ADI-diary.NET suite including:

The program can be downloaded at
Latest version: 5.5

Published on  07.06.2013